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Toxic blocks

Simple puzzle game, Try to clear the squares as quickly as you possibly can. Click 3 groupings or more of squares and use your power up wisely.

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Location: North America
Age: 33
Posts: 8
Posted on: 2007-04-30
The game is OK...

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Location: North America
Age: 25
Posts: 53
Posted on: 2007-04-30
Ehhh don't like it.

Location: Europe
Age: 23
Posts: 549
Posted on: 2007-04-30

Location: Europe
Age: 38
Posts: 1189
Posted on: 2007-04-30
It was ok for 2 sec.

ethan 123123
Location: North America
Age: 24
Posts: 902
Posted on: 2007-04-30

Location: Europe
Age: 24
Posts: 999
Posted on: 2007-05-01
Whoa shitty shitty fag fag

Location: Europe
Age: 30
Posts: 4
Posted on: 2007-05-01
Ripoff of the game collapse. and it's to slow to be fun... =/

Location: Europe
Age: 22
Posts: 1042
Posted on: 2007-05-02
That was so crap! hate it >:[

Location: North America
Age: 23
Posts: 15
Posted on: 2007-05-02
Ok now i hate squares!!!

Location: North America
Age: 27
Posts: 431
Posted on: 2007-05-02
It ends to fast only 8 lines and game over it sucks

Location: Australia
Age: 31
Posts: 58
Posted on: 2007-06-01
Boring because whilst blindly clicking you can still win!!

Location: North America
Age: 97
Posts: 11
Posted on: 2007-07-20
That was boring and gay.

Location: Europe
Age: 23
Posts: 305
Posted on: 2007-07-31
This game was eazy

Location: Europe
Age: 26
Posts: 115
Posted on: 2008-06-09

Age: Unknown
Posts: 1151
Posted on: 2011-05-10
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