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This one is going to hurt for a while, needs better balance to try this.

Download movie - 858.58 KB

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Location: North America
Age: 26
Posts: 224
Posted on: 2008-03-22
Almost looks like he did this on pourpse (mispelled)

Location: Europe
Age: Unknown
Posts: 728
Posted on: 2008-03-22
It looks so he DID it on purpose

Location: Unknown
Age: 23
Posts: 735
Posted on: 2008-03-22
True but it'd still hurt

Location: Europe
Age: 24
Posts: 193
Posted on: 2008-03-23
Anyway, he's a stupid shithead.

Location: Europe
Age: 21
Posts: 549
Posted on: 2008-03-23
Think he did it on purpose but still no babies 4 him

bacon boy
Location: Europe
Age: Unknown
Posts: 541
Posted on: 2008-03-24
The fall was on purpose rember what his mate said "you know you dont have to do this right" but the pain was real.... unless he was wearing a cup and noone knew.... ¬_¬

Location: Australia
Age: 20
Posts: 224
Posted on: 2008-04-01
What retard would do that on purpose?

Location: North America
Age: 32
Posts: 6
Posted on: 2008-04-27

Age: Unknown
Posts: 464
Posted on: 2010-08-10
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Age: Unknown
Posts: 41
Posted on: 2010-10-29
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Age: Unknown
Posts: 32
Posted on: 2011-06-07
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Age: Unknown
Posts: 492
Posted on: 2011-06-26
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Age: Unknown
Posts: 99
Posted on: 2011-07-07
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Age: Unknown
Posts: 4450
Posted on: 2011-08-01
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Age: Unknown
Posts: 52
Posted on: 2011-08-10
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